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Helping women create more happiness and fulfillment through emotional intelligence coaching.

"Happiness is when you can KNOW yourself, BE yourself, and ACCEPT yourself"

-Sammi Creach

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Curious about what your emotional intelligence (EQ) is? Do you want to find out where you are in or out of balance? See what taking the EQ-i 2.0 test and coaching looks like.

EQ 101

I wrote this E-book for women feeling the nudge telling them “You’re meant for MORE”. I felt that nudge in 2013, so I left the security of the nursing field to become an entrepreneur and now I want to help other women discover MORE.

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Begin your transformative journey of emotional intelligence today! Take the first step by clicking here to unlock personal growth and cultivate meaningful relationships. Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself.

About Me

I'm a wife and mom of 3. In 2020 we sold it all and left Kansas City, MO (GO CHIEFS!) to hit the road as a full-time RV family. Our oldest is grown, and I homeschool the younger 2. My background is as an RN, MSN, and MBA, and in 2013 I left the nursing field because I knew there was MORE out there for me.

When I'm not on a mission to help my clients, you'll find me enjoying movie nights with my family, hiking in some state park, or working on a crochet project. Being with my family is my ultimate happiness.

In-Office Hours

Tuesday to Friday

9:00 am to 5:00 pm


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What clients have to say

"Sammi has been a mentor I can rely on to get straightforward, but empathic, advice. She takes everything into consideration and looks at issues from a macro lens so she can give unbiased advice and guidance."

Jessica H

"Sammi is one of the most positive and encouraging people I’ve ever met. She is a critical thinker and a problem solver. Working with her has truly increased my self-awareness around my own emotional intelligence."

Stefanie S

"Sammi has a special gift for coaching and mentoring. She was able to help me reignite my passion, while visualizing and creating a plan for exactly what I want for my future."

Noelle R

"Sammi’s coaching has given me the confidence to continue to work my business with authenticity and service. She made me feel comfortable. She was very professional and aware of time."

Leslie K